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DAM Preis 2023

The DAM Preis for Architecture in Germany 2023 has been awarded to AUER WEBER for the Extension of Starnberg District Office.


With this exhibition, the DAM is a guest at the Hessenpark Open-Air Museum – extendet until 2 April 2023  – visitors are able to view 70 remarkable examples of architecture in Europe that show the qualities that can be discovered in architecture in the countryside.

DAM Ostend

Since 29 January, we have been located in the interim premises of DAM Ostend at Henschelstraße 18! Due to exhibition renovations, DAM Ostend is closed up to and including 15 September. From 16 September, the exhibition ADAPTIVE ARCHITECTURE. Building Upon the Existing. We look forward to your visit.

Plan. Werk. Stadt.

Even building culture education does not have to be dispensed with in times of DAM reconstruction! Whether on site in the interim DAM Ostend quarter, at the Lego construction site in the Orangerie in Günthersburgpark or mobile in schools, in the city and on the web – equipped with ideas and material, we will visit you wherever you need us.

Become a friend

The Gesellschaft der Freunde des Deutschen Architekturmuseums e.V. (Friends of DAM) was founded in 1985 and supports DAM in the realization of its public duties, both in ideal form and materially. Can we count on you too?


Nice out here. Architecture in rural aereas

27. March 20222. April 2023
Freilichtmuseum Hessenpark
Increasingly, attention is being paid to rural regions as a center of life. They are places to live ...

PAULSKIRCHE. Demokratie, Debatte, Denkmal

28. June 202231. December 2030
Frankfurter Paulskirche
Die Frankfurter Paulskirche gilt als eines der wichtigsten Demokratiedenkmale Deutschlands. US-Präs...

DAM Preis 2023

28. January1. May
DAM Ostend
Since 2007, the DAM Prize for Architecture has been awarded annually to outstanding buildings in Ger...

Coming Soon

Bauwelt Award. First Works

24. March30. April


13. May2. July
The European Architectural Photography Prize architekturbild has been awarded every two years since ...

Protest / Architecture Barricades, Camps and Smartphones – Conflicts in Public Space between 1848 and 2023

16. September 202314. January 2024
Protest movements shape public space not only through their messages, but also through their (mostly...

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DAM On Tour in Bad Aibling: Die Neue Heimat (1950-1982)

8. August 202131. December 2030
B & O Parkhotel
Die Neue Heimat war der größte und bedeutendste nicht-staatliche Wohnungsbaukonzern im Europa der ...

Symposium: Das Material der Stadt – Baustoff als Ressource

13. February – 18:0021:00
DAM Ostend
Die Baustoffe sind die Grundlage nachhaltigen Bauens. Sie bestimmen die Lebensdauer, den Energieverb...

Rom. Barocke Überraschungen

14. March20. March
Die dynamisierte Form. Mit einem Tagesausflug nach Tivoli. Studienreise konzipiert und geführt von ...

From primitive hut to skyscraper

A journey through architectural history

The DAM’s permanent exhibition on the second floor of the museum boasts Germany’s most comprehensive collection of panoramic models on architectural history. 24 largescale models impressively illustrate the evolution of the environment as shaped by humans.



International High-Rise Award 2022/23: 34 High-Rise Projects Nominated Globally

International High-Rise Award 2022/23: 34 High-Rise Projects Nominated Globally

The buildings nominated for the International High-Rise Award 2022/23 have now been announced. Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM) has selected them from more than 1,000 new high-rises worldwide dating from the past two years. In autumn, the five finalists will be...

Urbanes Reallabor  „Wohnzimmer Hauptwache 2022“

Urbanes Reallabor „Wohnzimmer Hauptwache 2022“

Projektideen der Frankfurter Bürgerinnen und Bürgern für die Hauptwache gibt es erfreulicherweise viele: Der „Open Call for Participation“ zur temporären Nutzung und Gestaltung im Zusammenhang mit dem urbanen Reallabor „Wohnzimmer Hauptwache 2022“ war ein großer Erfolg und zeigte eine gute Resonanz.

Die Nominierten für den DAM Preis 2023 stehen fest!

Insgesamt sind 116 Projekte auf der Longlist: 102 Bauten in Deutschland und weitere 14 Bauten als Export, von Architekturbüros in Deutschland geplante Auslandsbauten.

Neue Dauerausstellung “PAULSKIRCHE. Demokratie, Debatte, Denkmal”

Neue Dauerausstellung “PAULSKIRCHE. Demokratie, Debatte, Denkmal”

Die neue Dauerausstellung “PAULSKIRCHE. Demokratie, Debatte, Denkmal” in der Wandelhalle der Paulskirche ist seit heute eröffnet! Das Ausstellungsprojekt entstand in einer Kooperation der Wüstenrot Stiftung mit den Frankfurter Institutionen Deutsches...

One Room. One Building. One City.

The DAM for kids and young people

Architecture is not self-explanatory. The significance of architecture merits interpretation and comment. Be it searching for traces in the urban space, a journey through time in the permanent exhibition “From primitive hut to sky-scraper”, or as a master builder on the LEGO building site — the aim of the museum’s educational events is to help people discover the world that’s on the doorstep, finetune their (aesthetic) perception and understand the language of architecture.

Stadtteildetektive  Foto: DAM


DAM collection

Plan and model collection – a treasure trove is opened

DAM library

More than 80,000 volumes and essays on architecture accessible

Digital model collection

Digital archive

The Deutsches Architekturmuseum has a large and international collection of testimonials of important architects, mostly from the 20th century, which is constantly expanding. Around 50 works archives, prebends and estates, were handed over to the DAM, which owns more than 200,000 plans and drawings, about 35,000 photographs and about 1,300 models, a significant international collection. The architectural model collection with works by Rem Koolhaas, Frei Otto, Rob Krier, Aldo Rossi, Oswald Mathias Ungers a.o., is one of the most important in the world.