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          10. October 202327. November 2024

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Ride a Bike!

Reclaim the City

April 21 – September 2, 2018, Ground Floor

Designing public spaces well is a central task for urban planners and landscape architects. And they are joined on their already cramped stage by yet another agent: traffic planning. Bicycle traffic plays a central, connective role in the work done by all three and can provide the key to success. In order to maintain and improve the quality of life in the cities, where densities are increasingly rising and space used all the more intensively, more space is required on streets and squares, more green and more open spaces.The exhibition shows what an urban development needs to look like if it is to help persuade yet more people to get on their bike in the future. Projects from all across the world make the case for gently Reclaiming the City. The focus is on selected cities such as Copenhagen, New York or Oslo — these show how the path towards a more sustainable and social city can lead via planning a bicycle-friendly one. The exhibition will be accompanied by the catalogue “Ride a bike! Reclaim the city”.

The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure within the National Cycling Plan 2020 (NRVP).

Curators of the exhibition are Annette Becker, Stefanie Lampe und Lessano Negussie.

Media Partners: hr iNFO, CityLab

The exhibition will be in Innsbruck, Austria from 9 June – 25 August 2021 and in Leuven, Belgium from 9 September – 7 November 2021.



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21. April 2018
2. September 2018
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