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Eindrücke der Ausstellung MAKING HEIMAT \ Foto: Kirsten Bucher


Everything is architecture

In numerous, changing exhibitions every year, the DAM takes a stand on both architecture-historical and current issues of architecture and urban planning. The range of topics also addresses the interface between architecture and other disciplines and areas of life. An extensive accompanying program with special tours, excursions and conferences deepens the contents of each exhibition and stimulates the discourse on relevant topics.


Eindrücke der Ausstellung NEUER MENSCH, NEUE WOHNUNG \ Foto: Moritz Bernoully

Current exhibitions

From primitive hut to skyscraper

A journey through architectural history

The DAM’s permanent exhibition on the second floor of the museum boasts Germany’s most comprehensive collection of panoramic models on architectural history. 24 largescale models impressively illustrate the evolution of the environment as shaped by humans.





Außenansicht DAM 2019 bei Tag \ Foto: Moritz Bernoully

Current events

Architecture prizes

DAM Preis 2019, Eindrücke der Ausstellung \ Foto: Moritz Bernoully

DAM Preis

Since 2007 the DAM Preis has annually honored outstanding buildings in Germany. The award has been bestowed by Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM) in close cooperation with our partner JUNG since 2017. As part of the selection procedure by jury, 100 structures are initially nominated, regardless of their type, size, and construction costs. A shortlist of projects is drawn up at the first jury session. A selection of out-of-competition structures by German architects abroad is also made. The jury selects and subsequently visits the finalists’ projects, from which the winner is chosen.

International Highrise Award (IHA)

The International Highrise Award has been awarded by the City of Frankfurt/Main every two years since 2004. It was initiated jointly in 2003 by the City of Frankfurt together with Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM) and DekaBank, since when it has been organized and financed in partnership and cooperation between DAM and DekaBank. The International Highrise Award is bestowed on a structure that combines exemplary sustainability, appearance and interior quality, not to mention urban design and social aspects, to produce an ideal design. The architects and developers jointly receive the prize – a statuette by the internationally renowned artist Thomas Demand and €50,000 in prize money.

Housing for all

Frankfurt/Main is one of the German hotspots for property prices that are rising at an above-average speed. New housing financed on the open market is often offered at prices that even middle-class buyers find it hard to afford. The shortfall in subsidized housing that has accumulated over the decades and the loss of existing subsidized properties are particularly discernible here, too. With the HOUSING FOR ALL competition, the City of Frankfurt/Main, Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM), and ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING are jointly responding to these challenges. With a specific construction site in mind, examples of residential buildings are presented that aspire to represent a combination of economic cost pressure and innovative residential and architectural quality. The question is also addressed as to how the residential projects can result in vibrant, functionally and socially mixed quarters.




Hrsg. Deutsches Architekturmuseum, deutsch\englisch Beispielseiten, PDF-Datei 78 Seiten, zahlreiche farbige Abb., 21 x 10,5 cm, Softcover Nur im Museumsshop erhältlich für EUR 4,50 

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Böhm 100: Set of Postcards

Böhm 100: Set of Postcards

Nine sights of the Wallfahrtskirchte "Maria, Königin des Friedens" as a postcard set with a banderole. This set of postcards can also be purchased from the museum ticket office for € 9.

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Böhm 100: Der Beton-Dom von Neviges

Böhm 100: Der Beton-Dom von Neviges

28-seitiges, großformatiges Begleitheft zur Ausstellung anlässlich von Gottfried Böhms 100. Geburtstag
KuratorInnen: Oliver Elser, Miriam Kremser
Gestaltung Rahlwes.Pietz (Yvonne Pietz, Olaf Rahlwes)
Broschur mit Klammerheftung, 28 x 42 cm,
ca. 28 Abbildungen, 1 Seite Text
ISBN 978-3-939114-06-2 (deutsch/englisch)
Im Musesumsshop erhältlich für EUR 12 plus EUR 8 Euro Versand und Verpackung (innerhalb Deutschlands)

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BIG. HOT TO COLD — An Odyssey of Architectural Adaptation

BIG. HOT TO COLD — An Odyssey of Architectural Adaptation

Erschienen bei TASCHEN, Sprache englisch, mit deutschen Essays Design der preisgekrönten Künstler Sagmeister & Walsh, mit bislang unveröffentlichten Essays von Bjarke Ingels und einem Schutzumschlag mit umseitigem Poster www.taschen.com Softcover mit Umschlag,...

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